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    • Low Voltage Switchboards

      Offer your customers the most reliable, long-lasting switchboards for power distribution and control, with advanced capabilities for building equipment maintenance and energy efficiency.

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Switchboards manufactured by Schneider Electic partner panel builders help improve efficiency, safety and reliability for your customers. They are acknowledged worldwide, in all climate conditions, and in all applications, including the most demanding ones, such as Oil & Gas, marine, navy, nuclear plants, mines, etc.

Features and benefits

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    Type-tested (IEC 61 439-1 compliant) and tested to withstand all electrical events.
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    Tested to perform reliably in demanding conditions and withstand high levels of vibrations, shocks, etc.
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    Based on switchgear recognized as the world’s most reliable: Acti9, Compact, Masterpact.
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    Designed and manufactured by Schneider Electric partner panel builders, trained and certified to ensure the highest skill levels and quality.
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    Industry-leading digitization capabilities with Smart Panels by Schneider Electric.
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    Brand recognized as a guarantee of reliability throughout the electrical industry.

Offer overview

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    • Minimized downtime thanks to withdrawable functional units 
    • Internal arc protection for top safety of staff 
    • One system for Power Control and Motor Control Centers 
    • Power ratings up to 7000 A 
    • EcorealXL: cloud-based switchboard design software for sharing real-time specification updates

    Discover more about Okken
    Find out more about Blokset

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    • Based on unequaled switchgear system enabling you to adjust dependability and maintenance levels to customers requirements 
    • Technically optimized for each power rating (from 63 up to 4000 A) and to required environmental immunity (shocks and vibrations, weatherproofness, chemical agents, etc.)
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  • Prisma, smarter than ever

    Provide your customers with the techno-economic optimum, tailored to their building’s size, usage conditions, etc. Prisma switchboards improve building energy management for greater comfort and safety.

  • Okken Intelligent Switchboards

    Discover why Okken intelligent switchboard solutions are the safest and most reliable low-voltage switchboards to solve your toughest power distribution and motor control challenges.

  • Blokset

    Maximize safety and reliability while optimizing performance and energy efficiency. Blokset from Schneider Electric, low voltage switchboard solutions for power distribution and motor control.

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