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Keeping the passion alive

Marugen Koi Farm
Schneider Electric helps to keep the passion alive for Singapore Enterprises and prevents prolonged power failures in their business.

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The Challenge

  • The farm's remote location makes it vulnerable to prolonged power failures.
  • It is critical that electricity runs 24/7 to power the farm's oxygen filter. Without it, the oxygen levels would decrease rapidly, causing the fish to die.
  • The lack of reliable power would result in great business losses as the rare bloodline of the Koi fish would be gone, leading to significant monetary loss.

The Solution

Safety and reliability with EcoStruxure™
Connected products: PowerTag and Acti9 Smartlink System

  • A wireless energy sensor tracks the fish farm's pumping system and electrical loads.
  • Alerts are sent out whenever there is any irregularity with the fish farm's operations.
  • The system enables the owner to be fully connected: Anytime, anywhere, to the vital assets that enable their business to run smoothly.

The Results

  • The farm owner has 24/7 awareness thanks to alerts and the ability to monitor critical assets for smooth business operation.
  • The solutions provide a simple, compact and easy way to fit into the existing panel board without any additional wires or costs.
  • In the event of a power outage, business owners count on Powertag, which indicates the location of the failure. This enables them to proactively investigate potential issues before they become a problem.
  • Business owners are empowered to do more for their valued customers.

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