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Boosting asset performance

See how you can improve asset performance and efficiency in buildings with limited resources.
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A game-changer in maintenance services

With EcoStruxure Facility Expert, Flückiger Electricité is able to offer preventive maintenance services to improve its customers' business continuity.

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The Challenge
• Find a tool that would allow Flückiger Electricité to offer new services to its clients in an easy and affordable way.

• Implement a flexible solution that will work with assets from different manufacturers and can be adapted to its industrial customers‘ needs.

• Deploy a collaborative tool for daily maintenance activities to make operations simpler, more effective, and more convenient.
The Solution
Edge Control: EcoStruxure Facility Expert for easy facility management
Connected Products: Electrical and smart panels

• EcoStruxure Facility Expert with digital logbook features to easily access key information and maintenance plan of customer installations via QR codes.

• Ability to generate maintenance reports that can be shared instantly with customers.

• Cloud-based software available on mobile devices enables monitoring of connected assets and providing insights into equipment performance and energy consumption.
The Results
• With EcoStruxure Facility Expert, Flückiger Electricité can offer additional maintenance services and win new clients without investing in expensive solutions and time-consuming training.

• +8% global operational efficiency for Flückiger Electricité with -75% reduced maintenance time measured per differential circuit breaker.

• With the EcoXpert™ Partner Program support, Flückiger Electricité can count on comprehensive support in delivering the latest digital and energy solutions to their customer.

• Increased business continuity for Flückiger Electricité’s customers by improving visibility on maintenance schedules, thus avoiding unnecessary production shutdowns.

Susanne Jecklin, Director, Flückiger Electricité

Customer Testimonial
“Thanks to EcoStruxure Facility Expert, we are well-positioned for the future to carry out predictive maintenance on the facilities we have set up today.”
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