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ADMS: The foundation of distribution system operations

High penetration of DER and the increasingly dynamic nature of distribution systems creates many new challenges for today's distribution system operators. ADMS offers capabilities to meet these and other challenges.
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Smarter, faster power restoration

Over one million households rely on SA Power Networks to provide electricity through extreme weather conditions. See how EcoStruxure ADMS provides the insights needed to monitor and manage their vast network.
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The Challenge

• Frequent loss of power due to network outages, which take time to identify, repair and replace.  

• Critical facilities, hospitals, universities, airports, shopping centres and factories are all affected.

• The sheer size of the network area and the lack of SCADA coverage means that locating a fault can take a lot of time in rural areas.

• The environment is harsh and any overhead power line fault could cause a bushfire, so they must be localised, disconnected and isolated as quickly as possible. 

• This presents a risk to public safety, as a large proportion of the network relies on overhead conductors.

The Solution

Greater reliability and connectivity with EcoStruxure, allowing faster and more efficient management of the network

   Apps, Analytics and Services: EcoStruxure ADMS (Advanced Distribution Management System)
   Edge Control: Decentralised feeder automation systems
   Connected Products: RM6 medium voltage switchgear, MiCOM compact and modular substation and bay controller

• Schneider Electric has provided SAPN with a complete solution including our industry-leading EcoStruxure ADMS, medium voltage switchgear and decentralised feeder automation systems.

The Results

The implementation of EcoStruxure ADMS resulted in:

• Better fault location, isolation and restoration
• Greater network monitoring
• Load flow analysis
• Real-time control and optimisation
• Operational planning
• Increased training and insulation
"To be able to restore power to the majority of customers on a feeder in under a minute is something that has never been done in SA Power Network's history. Without Schneider, we probably would not have progressed as far as we have and as quickly as we have".
Tasnim Abdel-Razaq, Network Control Manager, SA Power Networks

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A leader in ADMS market

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EcoStruxure ADMS (Advanced Distribution Management System)

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