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  • PowerTag

    Stay on top of it with PowerTag

    Compact and easy to install, PowerTag wireless energy sensors enable energy usage analytics, cost savings, and optimized uptime.

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Monitor your electrical assets with one simple action

Small in size but large in impact, PowerTag wireless sensors accurately monitor energy consumption in real time for small buildings to large facilities.
Use energy more efficiently and economically on all electrical loads, from IT and HVAC to machines, pumps and process equipment. PowerTag sensors are compact and easy to install on existing or new panel boards.
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    Improve your uptime

    With PowerTag, one simple action goes a long way. Building operators and facility managers can monitor the health and uptime of their facilities in real time, by proactively managing energy usage and securing critical loads.

    PowerTag provides highly detailed information on a building’s electrical consumption and loads – current, voltage, power, overloads, unbalanced phases, and more.

    Its innovative technology enables detection and notification of potential problems before they occur, so building operators can keep their buildings running at peak performance.

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    A scalable, compact design

    With PowerTag, you can add innovation to any project with one simple action. Even in panels where space is at a premium, it is easy to tag new or existing circuit breakers to help customers reduce costs and improve efficiency.

    PowerTag can wirelessly send rich and accurate data via Acti9™ Smartlink. Integrating seamlessly into all building management systems, optimizing energy efficiency. And wireless circuit breaker tagging lets you measure and control multiple loads, offering real-time problem detection.

  • Monitor it, secure it, tag it!

    PowerTag lets you monitor your installation at every level, from the incoming circuit breaker to the final electrical load. Tag and secure your electrical protection devices with PowerTag and then pair it with the appropriate gateway (depending on your application) to receive:
        • Pre-alarm notifications in the event of an overload
        • Real-time alarms and email notifications for voltage loss and overload trips

    PowerTag sensors are compact and easy to install on existing or new electrical panels. Now for loads up to 630A.

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A scalable, compact design for all segments

With PowerTag, you can add innovation to any project, across all market segments, in one simple action.
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    Using PowerTag in conjunction with Wiser, Schneider Electric’s smart home solution (app and IP module), you can enjoy greater peace of mind in your home.

    With PowerTag, IP module and the Wiser app, you can make your electrical panel smart and:

    • Measure energy consumption and production
    • Optimize energy usage
    • Receive real-time notifications and alarms in case of any electrical system anomalies
    • Control the dedicated load for on- and off- switching

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    Small Businesses

    Using PowerTag as part of the EcoStruxure Facility Expert for Small Business solution featuring the Facility Expert SB app and Acti9 PowerTag Link C, you can monitor business-critical equipment, 24/7.

    With the Facility Expert for Small Business solution you can:

    • Receive alarms in case of power shut-offs, as well as pre-alarms in advance of overload tripping threats
    • Set schedules to automatically switch loads on or off
    • Monitor energy consumption – total consumption, as well as breakdown by usage
    • Compare energy usage, based on specific periods to help reduce energy consumption
    • Maintain uptime and reduce the risks associated with refrigeration, ventilation, ovens, compressors, and data processors – ideal for small business owners of restaurants, convenience stores and bakeries

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    Commercial Buildings

    PowerTag, as a part of the Acti9 communication system and contributing to ISO50001 certification, can be connected to EcoStruxure solutions or to any other building monitoring systems (BMS) or SCADA system.

    With PowerTag integrated into your system you can monitor your entire low voltage usage and provide:

    • Generic and configurable alarms
    • Energy monitoring – total consumption and breakdown by usage, for sub-billing management
    • Load operating time counter
    • Load management with pre-alarms

    PowerTag helps you to reduce the risk of issues associated with critical applications. With PowerTag, facility managers can carry out simple and efficient actions to improve the operation of their electrical installation. Now they can optimize their energy consumption and organize preventive maintenance for buildings such as commercial malls, office buildings, data centers, hospitals, banks, and multi-residential sites.

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  • PowerTag Makes the Grade for Panel Builders Small in size but large in impact. PowerTag wireless sensors accurately monitor energy consumption in real time for both small buildings and large facilities. See how PowerTag has paved the way to a new respond.
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    This Japanese koi fish farm in a remote part of Singapore turned to Schneider Electric for a solution from their prolonged power failures. With PowerTag, the operators can now track the farm's pumping system and electrical loads to ensure their business runs smoothly.
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  • How to install PowerTag in your existing panel Tag your existing breakers and monitor your critical loads to increase your business uptime.

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