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Electrical enclosures for demanding environments

Shelter your electrical equipment in controlled, secured, qualitative, and protected operating conditions. From small boxes to large floor-standing cabinets, Spacial and Thalassa electrical enclosures suit all applications in industry or infrastructures. In addition, ClimaSys thermal protections keep inside temperature and humidity under control to maximise lifespan of all embedded electrical and electronic components.

Benefits of Spacial and Thalassa


Keep people, controls and electronic components protected in all environments.

Flexible solutions

Wide range of products and accessories, customisation services to fit any need, easy-to-install system.

Thermal management

Process reliability and operating efficiency thanks to control over temperature and humidity inside automation and control panels.

Discover our solutions

PanelSeT and Spacial steel cabinets

Indoor non-clean industrial environments
The industrial environment of mechanical plants is particularly demanding when it comes to protecting electrical and electronic components from dust, oil splashes and shocks. Such ambient conditions require enclosures suited to the application and easy to implement.
Discover Spacial steel enclosures
Spacial PanelSeT

Software suite: Be more efficient in your enclosure-related jobs

From design to maintenance, our software suite and CAD libraries come along with enclosures to enhance your performance throughout the project lifecycle.

SEE Electrical 3D Panel+ by ETAP

Thanks to the collaboration between ETAP and Schneider Electric, configure your panels in SEE Electrical 3D Panel+ by picking enclosures and their accessories out of more than 1200 items.

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We are excited to introduce our range of Universal Enclosures, designed to meet the diverse needs of various industries and applications. Our Universal Enclosures provide a reliable and secure housing solution for your valuable electrical equipment.

At Schneider Electric, we understand the importance of protecting your electrical components from external elements and ensuring their optimal functionality. That's why our Universal Enclosures are built with high-quality materials, including durable steel and reliable metal. These enclosures offer exceptional strength and structural integrity, safeguarding your equipment from dust, moisture, and other environmental factors.

With our wide range of cabinet enclosures, you can find the perfect fit for your specific requirements. Whether you need a compact enclosure for limited spaces or a larger one for extensive installations, our Universal Enclosures offer flexibility and adaptability. They are designed to accommodate various electrical components and provide easy access for installation and maintenance.

Our steel enclosures are known for their superior quality and robust construction. The use of steel ensures long-lasting durability, making them ideal for demanding industrial environments. Our steel enclosures provide excellent protection against physical damage, ensuring that your electrical equipment remains safe and operational.

When you choose our Universal Enclosures, you can trust in our commitment to innovation and excellence. Our enclosures are designed with practicality in mind, featuring user-friendly designs and intuitive access points. This facilitates easy installation, maintenance, and access to your electrical components, reducing downtime and maximising productivity.