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    Schneider Electric - Your One-Stop Field Services Provider for All Types of Commercial Buildings

    PLAN, INSTALL, OPERATE, OPTIMIZE & RENEW your equipment with our team of 4,000+ Field Service Experts worldwide backed with 170 years of electrical distribution experience.

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  • Sustainable and Reliable Equipment Provided

    Spare parts available 24/7 with a database of 14,000 items across 800+ ranges for fast identification

  • Get your Equipment Performance Analysed Regularly

    Identify equipment operating below target efficiency from asset advisors

  • Increase your Equipment Up-Time

    Preventive Maintenance identifies equipment in need of upgrade, retrofit or replacement prior to actual failure

  • Reduce your Operational and Capital Expenditure

    Examine exactly which assets need to be serviced across multiple sites

  • Emergency On-site Support & 24/7 Hotline Support

    - Get prompt expert help to solve installation issues
    - Access to emergency maintenance and product training
    - Receive recommended recovery process in case of power outage

  • Unparalleled Protection for Your Team

    - Safeguard your installation with a risk management program
    - Assess the conditions and safety of your electrical systems regularly

Schneider Electric is the Preferred Electric Field Services Provider for over 1400 clients.

  • A day in the life of our field service engineer

    Step into a day in the life of a Schneider Electric Singapore field service engineer and see how he keeps your electrical system safe and running efficiently.

  • 10% decrease in Energy Consumption at Bolloré Logistics

    Schneider Electric implemented PowerTag - a wireless energy sensor to send out an alert when there's an irregularity in the Bolloré Logistics facility. Power quality issue in the electrical distribution system is proactively investigated with EcoStruxure™ for any potential issues.

    The Result: Reduced carbon footprint by 10% decrease in energy consumption.

  • ROI of 20 to 1 at University of Rochester Medical Centre

    To keep up with rising patient demand, University of Rochester Medical Centre has employed Schneider Electric's EcoStruxure™ Asset Advisor to identify potential issues in the 5 million square feet facility prior to actual failure. Facilities staff receive real-time notification of potential problems.

    The Result: Nearly $1 million saved from early discovery of equipment problems.

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Schneider Electric Field Services Offering

  • PLAN

    Make the most out of your investment with a tailored expert solution to address all your needs.

    Our Solutions:
    Technical feasibility studies, Preliminary design


    Professional on-site recommendations for set-up ensure your equipment work as designed and operate safely. Greatly reducing risks and premature delays.

    Our Solutions:
    Installation, Commissioning, Traceability


    Expert consultation to craft installation improvement and risk management program for more reliable electrical distribution.

    Our Solutions:
    MPS consulting


    Extend the life-cycle of your equipment with replacement of aging parts.

    Our Solutions:
    Ecofit™, End of life


    > Fully customizable maintenance program with 24/7 support hotline to fit your technical and financial situations
    > Preventative maintenance to maximize the efficency of your installation
    > Boost your team's competency with hands-on training, dedicated training paths and e-learning programs
    > Access to genuine spare parts during your equipment life-cycle

    Our Solutions:
    Service plan, Maintenance, Training, Spare parts

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    • What are the benefits of choosing Schneider Electric Field Services?

      Schneider Electric Field Services provides a full suite of services, including spare parts, maintenance plans, retrofitting, emergency on-site intervention and site audits. With a highly qualified field service team and the manufacturer’s expertise, Schneider Electric Field Services is well positioned to provide the best-in-class maintenance solution for your equipment.

    • What guarantee do Schneider Electric products come with?

      All Schneider Electric products come with a standard one-year warranty.

    • How can Schneider Electric help in the event of an emergency?

      With a well-trained field service team being able to respond to your emergency 24/7, you can be assured that your operations can be restored in the shortest possible time.

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