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Welcome to the Schneider Electric Website

Welcome to our website.

Launching a successful supply chain decarbonisation programme 

Our framework helps companies engage suppliers with meaningful support to decarbonise.

Business leaders collaborate to reduce Scope 3 emissions

Realising sustainable operations and net-zero goals is a team effort
Learn how we are working with leading global pharmaceutical companies to collaborate on reducing their Scope 3 emissions and mitigate the overall environmental impact of the sector.

Closing the ambition gap

Discover related resources and learn more about how we work with some of the largest organisations in the world to close the net-zero ambition gap through unique and innovative supply chain programmes.

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Consolidate all your energy and sustainability data in one place

Make confident decisions with a connected data source through software backed by sustainability expertise to support your net-zero journey.
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What is Schneider Electric's supply chain decarbonisation strategy?

At Schneider Electric, we empower your supply chain programme to achieve significant environmental impact by creating robust engagement strategies and building supplier capacity while improving the reliability of your business. We collaborate with companies to drive sustainability across their supply chains making their operations greener and fairer.

How can supply chain decarbonisation enable a sustainable and inclusive future?

Scope 3 emissions represent 75% of all sectors, and small and large suppliers are significant potential drivers of these emissions. To address this and achieve net zero, businesses must educate and support sustainable supply chain partners. We offer a pragmatic and strategic approach to our client companies, combining supplier engagement, measurement, strategy setting, and implementation via efficiency, renewable energy procurement, and carbon offsetting.

What challenges of supply chain decarbonisation do we cover for our clients as part of climate action?

Our global sustainability consulting team provides a comprehensive sustainability strategy that leverages the technologies and data available across your organisation to ensure you reduce the environmental footprint of your operations, buy renewable energy, and keep your business compliant with all regulations. Since we all are a part of an ecosystem, we believe in activating a collaborative approach and fostering knowledge sharing by regularly inviting our clients to share their experiences and helping other companies tackle similar challenges to spearhead green transition.