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Preventing unplanned downtime

with EcoStruxure Power, we provide digital and power system reference designs and software that significantly streamline the design-build process, reducing both the overall risk and the cost of implementation. Furthermore, you can improve asset management with greater visibility and decision-making through monitoring and predictive analytics to avoid unplanned downtime.
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Power availability and reliability blog series

Discover our latest articles on how to prevent unplanned downtime and maximise business continuity.
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Quality solutions for power availability

No matter what the facility, unplanned interruptions can be extremely costly. Unfortunately, poor-quality equipment can lead directly to unplanned downtime and higher maintenance costs. As electrical engineers, you understand the importance of product quality. That's why, at Schneider Electric, we make it our priority.
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Products, software and services for downtime prevention


PowerLogic ION9000


Galaxy VS


MasterPact MTZ


ComPact NSX


ASCO 7000 SERIES Power Transfer Switch


Acti 9 iC60


EcoStruxure™ Power Monitoring Expert


EcoStruxure™ Facility Expert


EcoStruxure Asset Advisor


EcoStruxure™ Power Advisor

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Indriati Hospital ensures reliability with EcoStruxure

Power is crucial for healthcare facilities like Indriati, a hospital located in a new development area where power outages have become a major problem. A continuous source of power and reliable electricity is necessary for their equipment to work 24/7 to help ensure their patients' safety.
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Consultants, Designers and Engineers

Discover the benefits of our partnership programmes with exclusive access to a broad library of resources, digital tools, webinars, training and more.

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Schneider Electric Exchange

Continue the discussion in the Schneider Electric Exchange and share your thoughts about power availability with peers and experts.