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What type of GSM/GPRS service are required for the FactoryCast Gateways (TSXETG302x) SIM card?

GSM/GPRS service providers are offering dedicated subscriptions well adapted to industrial applications, also called M2M (Machine to Machine) subscriptions.
Various GSM/GPRS subscriptions are available with different options:
· Various different Data exchange rates (billing on data amount in Megabyte per month)
· Option for Static IP or Dynamic IP address
· Incoming TCP ports blocked or not blocked: some providers are offering only subscriptions with TCP ports, blocked for security reasons, for instance ports lower that port 1024 may be blocked.

Note: We recommend to choose subscriptions with:
· Public APN with public IP address (visible from internet)
· A Static IP address
· And no TCP ports blocked in order to lower remote connection constraints and benefits of the routing services of TSXETG302x.

GPRS (General Packet Radio Service)
GSM ( Global System for Mobile Communications)

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