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What is the difference between a standard ION6200 and ION6200 MW option?

Determining the difference between the standard and Megawatt versions of the ION6200

Product Line

Using metering in a power monitoring application 

Need measurement value with the proper scaling at the front display

There are two main differences between the ION6200 and ION6200MW (megawatt option).

  1. The Powerlogic® ION6200 Megawatt option displays all power and energy values in millions (e.g. megawatts) and volts in thousands (kilovolts), using a different front panel faceplate than the standard meter, with labels for kV, MW, MVA, MVAR, MWh, MVAh, and MVARh.
  2. The PT Scaling setup register provides an additional PT primary register to accommodate a larger PT ratio. PTS offers a x1000 quantity for the PT primary register. The standard meter model uses the x1 default scaling.

A detailed description of the Megawatt option meter can be found in the following technote please see the link, ION6200 Megawatt Option (70052-0177-01).

Megawatt Version

Standard Version

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