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Cannot log into PowerChute Business Edition 9.5 or 10 Agent web interface when user name is greater than 20 characters in length.

Cannot log into PowerChute Business Edition 9.5 or 10 Agent web interface when assigned user name is greater than 20 characters in length. 

PowerChute Business Edition Agent 9.5 & 10

All supported OS

Web interface does not allow entry of greater than 20 characters


1 - Uninstall PowerChute Business Edition 9 0r 10 and install PowerChute Business Edition 10..0.2.

2 -  Stop PowerChute Agent Service See FAQ FA290624 for assistance with starting and stopping Agent Service.
Make a copy of login.jsp that is in the jsp folder / directory and save to new name in case you need to revert to original file.
  • On Widows OS the jsp folder if installed to the default path will be C:\Program Files (x86)\APC\PowerChute Business Edition\agent\comp\http\html\jsp
  • On Linux the default path is /opt/APC/PowerChuteBusinessEdition/Agent/comp/http/html/jsp
  • NOTE: On Windows OS you may need to change the permissions of the PowerChute folder to allow editing of the file. On linux you will need to be supper user.
Open login.jsp with a text editor i.e. notepad, wordpad, vi, etc:
Change the line maxlength="20" in the login.jsp file to read maxlength="128"  Save and close the file.
Restart the Agent Service 
Re-launch the web interface

You can now log into the Agent web interface with a user name that is up to 128 characters in length.
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