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Is it possible to use the calculated flow value in an ATV630 and display its accumulated value on HMI? And would it be possible to reset it? To see amount of flown water weekly?

Cumulated quantity of water flown can be provided by ATV only if there is flow sensor connected to ATV. If ther is not any flow sensor, the pump flow can only be estimated (using flow estimation function) based on defined head vs flow or power vs flow curves. Estimated pump flow cannot be as precise as measured pump flow (from flow sensor) and therefore estimated pump flow cannot be used for calculation of cumulated flow.
But if ther is real flow sensor, it can be assigned to instalaltion flow sensor (In menu sensor assignment). After the scaling the signal and measured range, the parameter FS1C will provide Total quantity.
FS1C will be vivible in Display menu - applicaiton parameters.
FS1C can be simply reset via HMI by changing its value to 0. FS1C can be modified by HMI to any value.


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