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PowerLogic ION

Power monitoring and advanced power
Explore our advanced range of accurate power quality meters, designed to meet the growing demands of your power network.

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PowerLogic™ ION9000 Power Quality Meters

Advanced power quality and revenue meters


PowerLogic™ ION8650 Power Quality Meters

Revenue and power quality power meters for utility network monitoring


PowerLogic™ ION7400 Power Quality Meters

Revenue and power quality meters for utility feeder applications


PowerLogic™ ION8800 Power Quality Meters

IEC/DIN rack-mount power meter

PowerLogic PM

PM8000, PM5000, PM3200, PM2000 power meters
Gather insightful power and energy data. Reveal and understand complex power-quality conditions. Identify under-performing electrical assets and utilize millisecond time stamping to analyze sequence of events. Identify the root cause with patented disturbance direction detection.

PowerLogic PFC

PowerLogic PFC components allow panel builders to build a complete Power Factor Correction solution with tested and validated component combinations and design guidelines. Our offers include LV PFC Capacitors (VarPlus Can), tested to the most stringent safety standards in the industry; ultra-low loss LV PFC Detuned Reactors; and PowerLogic PFC Controllers enabling advanced intelligence, control and connection to EcoStruxure edge and cloud offers. PowerLogic PFC components remove utility penalties to lower operating costs and provide quick ROI, typically in 6 to 18 months.

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PowerLogic™ PFC Capacitors

Low-voltage power factor correction capacitors


PowerLogic PFC Controller

Intelligent power factor correction controllers


PowerLogic PFC Detuned Reactors

Formerly known as VarPlus Detuned Reactor, For power factor correction in highly polluted networks

PowerLogic PowerTag

Monitor it, secure it, tag it
PowerTag is a range of wireless energy sensors and control modules that can turn any new or existing panel to a connected panel allowing real-time monitoring and control of electrical installation remotely.

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PowerLogic™ PowerTag Energy Sensors

Wireless energy sensor

PowerLogic Easergy Relays

Protection relays
IoT connected protection relays, monitoring, and control devices that enable smart energy transformation. Designed to meet strong requirements on reliability and safety with a complete set of protection for HV and MV applications.

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Easergy MiCOM P13x

Feeder Management Protection and Bay Control Devices


Easergy MiCOM P14x

Feeder Overcurrent & Earth Fault Protection Relays


Easergy Sepam series 60

Protection Relays for Complex Distribution Systems


Easergy Sepam Series 80

Protection Relays for Custom Applications

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