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About M&C Energy Group

With more than 850 employees, more than 30 offices, and managed energy spend in excess of €22.4 B annually, the combined entity including Summit Energy and M&C Energy Group is truly unmatched in its geographic breadth and depth of expertise. To communicate the unique nature of such a broad-based solutions provider, it’s important that we convey an integrated, comprehensive solutions approach under a single brand, Schneider Electric.

M&C Energy Group’s energy management and sustainability consulting services are still available under the Schneider Electric name.

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The History of M&C Energy Group

M&C Energy Group was a world leader in energy procurement and compliance services with clients benefitting from 35 years’ experience to help them save money and improve energy efficiency by making energy work harder, smarter, and better globally.

Partners Sandy McKinnon and Roy Clarke established McKinnon & Clarke in the UK in 1976. Later, M&C Energy Group became a truly international organisation, with offices throughout Europe, Asia-Pacific and America, and a client base spread over 40 countries, which continuously expanded.

M&C served over 4000 clients with a combined energy spend of over £8bn. Having 21 offices in 15 countries and clients in 40 countries, M&C had global reach, 24-hour operations and extensive international experience but with a detailed understanding of each energy market, its local complexities and challenges.

Over 500 M&C experts ensured clients got added-value energy and carbon management solutions, focused on enhancing customers’ competitiveness. By making energy work harder, smarter, and better globally, many of the largest organisations – from public bodies to blue-chip companies – chose M&C as their preferred partner.

After around 30 years of expansion across the globe M&C began to expand by acquisitions. In 2006 they acquired a major stake in REA Kladno, Czech Republic; in 2009 M&C signed a deal to buy competitor UCA; 2010 saw the acquisition of four companies - Utility Masters Ltd (UK), ETT GmbH (Germany), Creative Energy Solutions (Australia), and Encore International Ltd (UK). In 2011 M&C acquired Coleman Hines (USA).

Throughout this period M&C’s global reputation grew for providing key support throughout the energy procurement and contracting process, and beyond, by ensuring clients only entered into the right contracts with the right supplier on the best commercial terms available; helping clients control their costs, making sure charges were accurate and any taxes or tariffs appropriate; working to reduce clients’ energy consumption, helping organisations manage environmental compliance and price risk effectively; and providing a comprehensive service encompassing professional energy management and carbon reporting services that delivered savings, while optimising potential environmental and sustainability performance.

Experienced analysts achieved significant savings by combining robust analytical processes with forensic pursuit of the truth. Detailed site surveys by engineering and environmental teams, and focus on managing usage and costs, provided a dual approach saving clients’ money and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

In May 2011, Schneider Electric acquired M&C Energy Group allowing Schneider Electric to broaden its energy management services and solution portfolio, offering customers the ability to manage and optimise their energy consumption from the supply side through the demand side, while also growing our energy and environmental online reporting capabilities.

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