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What is the difference between AC-7a and AC-7b when choosing a iCT contactor?

These utilization catagories determine what load the contactors are switching: AC-7a are for slightly inductive loads for household appliances for example mixers and blenders AC-7b are for motor-loads for house hold appliances such as fans and central vacuums The following is an extract from the...

What is the difference between isolated and non-isolated coaxial sockets? e.g. GUE7011W

A non-isolated coax socket is a standard socket. If you wish to install a socket to connect your TV coax lead into, this is what is required. Also, this version must be used for satellite installation as a two way signal is required. The satellite box does not only receive a signal, it also...

What does light or dark switching mean when referring to photo electric sensors?

There are 3 main types of photo electric sensor used for detecting an object; Diffuse (sometimes also called proximity mode or direct detection). There is also a variation of diffuse called diffuse with background suppression (diffuse with BGS). Retro reflective (sometimes also called reflex)....

What are the possible causes of the SCF fault of a variable speed drive from the Altivar range?

An SCF fault is generated by the drive if a motor short-circuit fault (to ground or phase-to-phase) occurs. Because of the nature and the destructive effects of this fault, this information is treated as a priority and is handled locally by the power bridge of the drive, which immediately...

What are the Torque settings for NSX terminals?

Torque settingsfor NSX MCCB terminals below: 100amp and less = 10Nm and for 125-250A = 15Nm and for 400-630A = 50Nm