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What Schneider Electric Drive has replaced the Telemecanique Altivar ATV28?

There have been several revisions of drives since the ATV28 was made obsolete. Therefore, it is best to consider the requirements afresh.

The current range that may be acceptable as the evloution to the ATV28 drive would be the ATV320 range, however if the old drive used was a single phase input to three phase output the ATV12.drive may be a suitable replacement if no braking resiter required on the applicatuion.

Either download the catalogue for the ATV320 or ATV12 range to find a suitable drive or contact Schneider Electric and we will assist you in selection
If you need support in selection it would be useful to have the following information available:

  • Motor kW or HP rating
  • Motor Voltage
  • Motor Current
  • Application (eg Machine, Pump, Fan etc)
  • Load type or Torque Requirements (Variable or Constant)
  • Input voltage and number of Phases

This is not an exhaustive list, but will assist in directing to a suitable replacement or new drive.

The drive that replaced the ATV28 range was the ATV31 range ,which was then replaced by the ATV312 range, this in turn has now been replaced by the ATV320.

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