Modular circuit-breakers for the protection of motor supply circuits up to 125A. Rating current:4 to 80 A

Motor protection

  • Features

    • Rating current:4 to 80 A
    • Breaking capacities:50kA under 380/415 V
    • Tripping curves:MA (short -circuit protection to combine with suitable overload protection)
    • Compliance with standards: IEC 60947-2, certified by national official authorities; NG125LMA + Telemecanique contactor and thermal relay combination in compliance with IEC 60947-4
    • Suitable for isolation in accordance with industrial standards:IEC 60947
    • Operating voltage:up to 500 Vac, insulation voltage:690V
    • Optional add-on earth leakage modules:Vigi NG125
    • Optional auxiliaries:indication of state and tripping, shunt trip, undervoltage trip, overvoltage trip


    The maximum in modular format

    With benefits of all the simplicity of modular installation, the NG125 circuit-breaker combines performances and robustness required in the most demanding industrial installations.


    Protection in all industrial and commercial buildings:

    • Protection of motor supply circuits in power switchboards 
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