Square D QOE, QOvs, QObvs

Fast plug on type finial distribution device

Full range of fast plug on devices for residential panelboards

Square D QOE, QOvs, QObvs
  • Features

    1. RCD residual current devices provide complete protection for final circuits (against overcurrents and insulation faults):
    > protection for users against electric shocks by direct and indirect contacts.
    > protection of the installations against fire risks.

    2. RCCB residual current circuit breakers provide a protection for users against electric shocks by direct contacts

    3. MCB circuit breaker which combine the following functions:
    > circuit protection against short-circuit currents,
    > circuit protection against overload currents,
    > fault tripping indication by red mechanical indicator


    > Plug-on system (Fast, easy installation, No connection errors, Safety)
    > Positive contact indication
    > Operating test button on the front panel
    > Fault tripping is indicated by a red mechanical indicator on the front face
    > Fast contact closure


    > Commercial & Residential buildings
    > Legacy installations
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