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RED - Recloser

Acti 9 automatic recloser for earth leakage protection

End of Commercialisation

Reclosers are small circuit breakers located at the top of distribution poles and are typically used on very long distribution feeders. Their function is to isolate a section of the feeder in fault or overload conditions and minimise service downtime. They act as small circuit breakers, and have the capability to restore power automatically in temporary fault situations.

RED - Recloser
  • Features

    The RED range is an earth leakage protection device offer with a built-in recloser. The automatic resetting function allows reclosing of the earth leakage protection device after clearance of the fault and following insulation monitoring. There are three versions: RED, REDs, REDtest.

    • number of poles: 2P and 4P
    • rating: 25 to 63 A
    • sensitivity: 30 to 300 mA
    • automatic resetting with preceding insulation monitoring (prolonged if you need the REDs)
    • local indication
    • remote indication for the REDs and the REDtest
    • weekly test without power supply breaking possible with the REDtest
    Offer suited to phase-to-neutral networks and to TT or TN earthing systems.


    Recloser Earth leakage Device
    The insulation monitoring offers a guarantee of maximum continuity of supply. It's also the insurance of optimal protection and security, achieving peace of mind. The remote alarm used to monitor the installation remotely is possible for the REDs and the REDtest with an auxiliary contact: it allows saving in maintenance time, the quick way to more productivity.


    Three versions of RED are proposed to satisfy the various applications:

    • RED version: residential applications
    • REDs and REDtest versions: tertiary/industrial and infrastructure applications (Telecom relays, public lighting, lighted signs, bank cash-points, lifts, cold storage rooms, etc.). The REDtest can also be used in the residential sector.


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