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HMI enclosures

Human-Machine Interface Enclosures

Large selection of human-machine interface enclosure solutions, products and accessories ideal for operator interface.

HMI enclosures
  • Features

    For Human-Machine Interfaces Schneider Electric offers HMI enclosures.

    What is Human-Machine Interface (H.M.I)?  

    > HMI is the interface hardware used for stand-alone, machine-level, small process or embedded applications, which is linked to a controller or host computer and HMI software.  It can run on a PC, panel PC, static terminal and mobile devices, allowing advanced visualization and integration into supervisory and enterprise-level solutions.

    Our solutions:
    > Control enclosures to house industrial devices such as display screens, push buttons, keyboards, lights and other operator control equipments.

    > Control desks to protect sensitive equipment such as computer monitors or other operator control devices in harsh, wet, dirty or dusty environments.  Used in applications that require operators to sit down or to stand up for extended periods of time.

    > PC racks to protect personal computers (PCs) in industrial or office environments.  They prevent the entrance of environmental contaminants such as dust and water and can be used to integrate a monitor, central processing unit (CPU), keyboard and printer.


    Customer benefits :
    > Complete solution – Schneider Electric is able to offer both HMI equipment and their protection housing.
    > Security & Protection - Operator control access and housing of the operator control devices in different environments.
    > Ergonomics – Make the workplace more efficient and comfortable to the operator.
    > Aesthetics – Added value to the machine.
    > Services – Take advantage of Schneider Electric´s customisation services (machining, painting, accessories installation, etc.).


    Product application:
    Industry: Industrial and commercial machineryFood & Beverages.


    • PC racks
    • Control desks
    • Control enclosures
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