Responder Mobile

Get information to the field, and from the field, during outages

Get outage information to the people who need it most: your field crews.

Responder Mobile
  • Features

    Designed for field use, with easy-to-read map display, simple functionality, and an intuitive user interface — Responder Mobile OMS is a true solution connecting your field experts with the operation center — all to help your customers.


    Schneider Electric’s Responder Mobile offers key benefits:

    • Resolves outages more efficiently and effectively
    • Reduces outage time
    • Increases customer satisfaction
    • Increases revenue for your utility


    In addition to helping crews locate the source of an outage, Responder Mobile provides tools for editing incident reports, adding devices and hazards to the map, and synchronising field devices with the enterprise network. It’s the ideal balance between functionality, ease of use and lightweight deployment.

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