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Small form-factor card-based RTU with micro-power and hydrometric input capabilities.

End of Commercialisation

Remote Terminal Units

  • Features

    The MGX range of micro-power stand-alone RTUs are of a modular design utilising card slot processor and I/O PCBs integrated onto a back plane. The PV1 Local Access Display and Keypad is encompassed within the IP67 enclosure, which allows for full RTU interrogation and confi guration, without compromising the IP integrity of the enclosure.

    • Low Power
    • Hydometric Features
    • Inbuilt Logic Engine
    • Time Stamped events
    • IEC 870 and Proteus Protocols
    • Battery & Solar Options
    • Fixed Modular & Expandable I/O
    • Local & Remote Configuration


    Ideally suited for a variety of  applications requiring small to medium  I/O counts and offer signifi cant MGX Series of Micro-Powered RTUs enhancements in outstation design and operation for the environmental monitoring and utility SCADA markets.

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