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Talus T4c

Compact low power RTU

The T4c RTU is a telemetry outstation / field device that provides remote monitoring, control and diagnostic facilities for isolated and unmanned sites. In addition to plant input and output, the T4c has built-in functions for alarm analysis, archive data logging and local control applications. With an ultra compact design and energy efficient operation the T4c is especially ideal for small footprint low I/O, low power telemetry applications.

Talus T4c
  • Features

    Smart, Expandable, Remote Terminal Units (RTUs)

    With built-in analogue and digital I/O, on board GSM/GPRS modem, serial and IP communications, and IEC 61131-3 user applications, the T4c forms the essential link between your plant and a remote control centre.

    The T4c is also fully compatible with many third party devices.

    In addition to modems, the T4c can connect directly to a local area network, for communication with other controllers and to a wide area network for communication to a control centre or other sites.


  • Water and waste Water treatment sites 
  • Environmental monitoring systems 
  • Abstraction points 
  • Booster and pumping stations
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