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    The 18th Edition of the IET Wiring Regulations

    1st July 2018 > released

    1st January 2019 > came into full effect

Summary of the Main Changes

Requirements for RCD protection 

•    Regulation 411.3.3 now applies to socket outlets rated up to 32A 

•    There is still an exception to omit RCD protection where, other than for an installation in a dwelling, a documented risk assessment determines that RCD protection is not necessary 

Recommended installation of AFDDs 

•    New Regulation 421.1.7 has been introduced recommending the installation of arc fault detection devices in AC final circuits of a fixed installation 

•    The Regulation gives examples of where such devices can be used, including premises with sleeping accommodation and locations with endangering of irreplaceable goods 

Requirements for SPDs 

•    The focus of Section 443 has moved from lightning to switching overvoltage 

•    The AQ criteria for determining if protection against transient overvoltage is needed are no longer included in BS 7671 

•    Instead, new Regulation 443.4 requires that protection against overvoltage is provided where overvoltage would result in:

-    Serious injury to, or loss of, human life 

-    Interruption of public services or damage to cultural heritage 

-    Interruption of commercial or industrial activity 

-    A large number of co-located individuals being affected

•    In all other cases, a risk assessment must be completed 

•    There is an exception to this risk assessment for single dwelling units where the value of the installation and equipment therein does not justify such protection – however, the cost of equipment at risk will far outweigh the cost of additional protection in virtually all instances 

Requirements for fire-resistant supports 

•    Regulation 521.11.201, which requires wiring systems to be supported against premature collapse in the event of a fire, has been extended 

•    It now requires fire resistant supports to be used throughout the installation and not just in escape routes 

Energy efficiency advisory notes 

•    A new appendix provides recommendations for optimising the overall efficient use of electricity in the design and erection of electrical installations

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