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    Acti9 Isobar P - Cut installation time by 50%

    Our market leading Acti9 Isobar P Distribution Boards allow for split neutral cabling and a neutral phase plug-on system for quick RCBO installation.

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Technological innovation drives productivity.

Schneider Electric’s Acti9 Isobar P cuts installation times by around 50% and leverages connected technologies that allow users to instantly monitor the health and energy usage of their distribution boards. Save time, save money, save energy.

- 50% installation time saving
- Designed and manufactured in the UK
- Innovation delivering unrivalled productivity
- Enhanced safety and reliability
- Smart and Connected
- Full 5 year warranty.

The Acti9 Isobar P is also available in Standard, Split Metered, Meter Ready, Multi-Service and Heavy-Duty variants with full IP2X internal protection.

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Acti9 Isobar P brochure

Acit9 Isobar P distribution boards now offer new and unparalleled reliability, protection and simplified installation whilst building on our existing market leading Isobar solutions.
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Benefits for Contractors and Specifiers

  • Contractors

    • Installation time savings (up to 50%) – due to the Plug-on RCBO
    • Enhanced levels of protection - Full IP2X rating
    • Unparalleled reliable connections thanks to the RCBO plug-on system
    • Less cables and cabling errors
    • No need to cut, dress or terminate any RCBO functional wires
    • Quick and Easy to install, reducing the need of off-site assembly
    • It uses all Acti9 Isobar solutions: MBCs, RCBOs, etc
    • Connectivity for asset management and analysing.

  • Specifiers

    • Compliance with regulations
    • Complete solution
    • Smart connectivity
    • Access to information to aid asset management
    • Simplify specification process
    • Differentiation from competitors
    • Latest technologies and solutions that gives an edge.

Product Comparison

Features Isobar P Isobar KQ
Plug on Neutral RCBO (PoN)
Plug on RCBO - Functional Earth plug on connections
Wireless PoN - Plug on RCBO
IP2X internal Protection
Switchable Neutral
Power Tag wireless energy sensor for all going devices
Less terminals to torque test
Increased cabling space
Isolation of outgoing ways (Isobar & interlock)
5 Year Distribution board warranty registration
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