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Customized data center commissioning services

Move to a new system with ease
Complex network upgrades, expansions, consolidations and migration across multiple technologies will be easily integrated to meet your business needs. Schneider Electric Network Integration Engineers will assist you in all tasks associated with your move to a new up-and-running system.

Network Integration

Details of service

From server migration and data center cable management to software installation and configuration, our Global Services Network Integration Engineers can assist in all tasks associated with your move to a new system. 

Our experience as an IT solutions company allows us to plan rack configuration and perform the actual server migration and cable management. This ensures your solution is configured for optimal airflow and performance.

Having your management software installed by our Certified Software Engineers will ensure proper integration into your existing monitoring system, letting you monitor your network the way you need to.


EcoStruxure Asset Advisor offers maximum protection of your critical equipment through smart alarming, remote troubleshooting, and expert, data-driven insight delivered with 24/7 real-time monitoring – providing visibility and live data directly to your smartphone.
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