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Welcome to the Schneider Electric Website

Welcome to our website.

What do we mean by Sustainable?

Energy Efficiency

Overcome your key challenges to reach your net zero goals
  • Consume your energy more efficiently and reduce any energy wastage significantly
  • Gain a clear roadmap to transform your site through a combination our smart services offerings


Digitise your operations and systems
  • Build on strong foundations focused on the reduction of your greenhouse gas (GHG) emission
  • Become more efficient, set ambitious targets through our services through providing effective you with the baseline of your site, and effective recommendations on how to reduce your emissions throughout your operations.

Circular Economy

Enhance the efficiency and resiliency of your electrical infrastructure aimed to limit the consumption and waste of resources throughout your value chain, through re using, repairing and recycling your assets.

  • Extend your asset lifecycle through repairing and exchanging.
  • Optimise your assets through modernising and upgrading your existing and providing insights on obsolescence and risks through our consultancy experts.

Net Zero VS Carbon Neutral

Often used interchangeably, the terms carbon neutral and net-zero could represent very different approaches to decarbonization and combatting climate change.   

At Schneider, this is how we define them - Companies that commit to carbon neutrality ensure that emissions produced by their activities will be balanced by an equivalent volume of emissions being removed from the atmosphere through an array of market mechanisms, such as carbon offsets. 

In comparison, net-zero is seen as best practice, as it’s more robust in both its definition and its guidance about how to decarbonize. Companies that commit to net-zero emissions promise to abate greenhouse gas emissions to as close to zero as possible, and then (and only then) neutralize any truly unavoidable residual emissions.

Selecting Scope of Targets

Schneider Electric Consultancy Services can support you with the following
  • Collecting relevant data
  • Creating detailed roadmaps to achieve target
  • Monitoring progress towards targets

Collecting Relevant Data

To ensure you have complete visibility and accurate data, we can support you through a variety of ways:
  • Our consultants perform audits throughout your site(s) to check the health, identify and safety risks
  • Identify where you may have data gaps
  • Provide recommendations on closing gaps and accelerating your site to become more efficient and resilient

Developing your decarbonisation roadmap

At Schneider Electric, we can support you through a variety of ways:
  • Consultancy Services
  • Digitisation & Sustainability score
  • EcoStruxure Portfolio
  • Contracts

Monitor and ensure progression

To monitor effectively, Schneider Electric have a wide range of services to support you throughout your journey:
  • EcoStruxure Portfolio
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Consultancy services
  • Contracts

Smart Services

Schneider Electric's Smart Services consists of digital connected technologies that provide insight 24/7, and our experts do the rest. Aimed to help you solve your big challenges in a safer, more secure and sustainable way.
Smart Services eBook
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Schneider Electric earns award for supply chain initiative.
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2021 Sustainability Changemaker Partner of the Year Award Winner.
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Velux Group and Schneider Electric Lifetime Carbon Neutral Partnership.
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Schneider Electric Achieves Outstanding Performance in Four Corporate Sustainability Ratings.


Overcome your key challenges to reach your net zero goals


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