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What's tha max Modbus TCP client and server connection number for M258 Ethernet?

Published date: 11 December 2020

For the M258 & LMC058 controller, the Ethernet limitation connections are :

    SoMachine Protocol  : Maximum connection number = 4 (1)
    Modbus Server connection : Maximum connection = 8
    Modbus Client : : Maximum connection = 8
    Modbus Device : Maximum connection = 2
    Ethernet IP  Device : Maximum connection = 16
    FTP Server : Maximum connection = 4
    Web Server : Maximum connection = 10

Theses ressources are independant between them (no link limitation connections between them)

(1) The maximum number of SoMachine Protocol is 4.
These connections can be :
    One connection for the HMI
    One for the OPC Server
    One for the SoMachine software
    One for the Trace object (oscilloscope function)

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