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Video: How do you set up the ATV630 process drive so HMI dial is speed reference and the terminals are start stop control?

ATV630 set up to work HMI as speed reference and terminals as start stop control.

Product Line:
Altivar ATV630 and ATV930 drives


HMI speed reference and terminal 2 wire control for starting.


Programming Sequence

From the Main Menu:
  1. Scroll down (slide your finger around the wheel clockwise) to Menu 5 Complete Settings and press OK
  2. Then scroll down to Menu 5.5 Command and references, press OK, and verify/modify the following parameters:
  • Ref Freq 1 Config = Ref.Freq-Rmt.Term               (sets the keypad to be your speed control)
  • control mode = Separate                                  (your start/stop command and speed reference are coming from different sources)
  • Command switching = Command channel 1    (tells the drive to look at channel 1 for start/stop)
  • CMD channel 1 = Terminals                            (tells the drive what command channel 1 is)
Note: If your drive is already set to I/O Profile control mode, you won't see Not Separate. You would have to go to Not Separate first, and then you would have the option of Separate.
However, going from I/O Profile to Not Separate would force a factory reset. So if you're already set to I/O Profile, leave it in I/O Profile unless you want to do a factory reset.
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