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Get a HMI Communication Lost on the front display of ADVC2 controller

Published date: 16 July 2018

On the front display the customer keeps getting HMI Communication Lost and then it will go away.  When looking at the event log it doesn't give information about it and it looks like the events are being cleared out.

Product Line   

During testing and normal operation

The symptoms indicate the system (control) was too busy to handle all the events. This explains the HMI Comm Lost message showing. This message simply means that the HMI had lost communication with the internal PCOM module- this is a safeguard mode and is expected if there is unusual (overloading) conditions with processor. In this mode less-important tasks are skipped to reserve resource for more important activities (protections for instance). Communication to HMI is a less-important task.  One of the primary causes that generates too much events for the controller is fluctuating of analogue data. 

Improvements in recent versions of firmware which optimizes the processing algorithm to significantly reduce (if not eliminate) the above scenario. The fix is in version A45-37.04 and above. It is strongly recommend to upgraded to the latest version of firmware.  Attached is the newest version and the power point on how to upgrade the firmware


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