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How to flash the firmware of the LXM28 drive

How to flash the firmware of the LXM28 drive

Product Line:
Lexium 28

To flash the LXM28 drive firmware, the following are needed:
- Latest firmware file (currently V1.70.8). This is a file with the extension *.i00 and can be requested from technical support.
- Firmware Update Tool (latest version is and can also be requested from technical support
- USB to RJ45 cable, part # TCSMCNAM3M002P

> Power the LXM28 drive
Connect the USB-RJ45 cable
> Launch the Firmware Update Tool
> Enter the COM port assigned by Windows to the cable
> Browse the firmware in the "Firmware Path"
> Click on Connect - If successfull, this should bring up the drive model and version
> Click on Start and wait

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