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Can PMEGPS0100 module be installed in M580 HSBY CPU rack.

Published date: 09 September 2020

Issue: Is it possible to install the PMEGPS0100 in M580 HSBY CPU Rack

Product line: PMEGPS0100

Environment : Control Expert V14 and Win 10 Professional build 10.1703.1

Resolution: The PMEGPS0100 is only be used in a remote Ethernet rack in a M580 HSBY system. The module can not be mounted in either HSBY CPU rack.
Like most DIO connections, the PLC Input data from a PMEGPS0100 module is not “bumpless” during a transfer from Secondary to the new Primary. The Ethernet/IP connections will be closed, and the module “Freshness” will drop to 0 during the transfer.

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