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Incorrect Diagram is opened in Vista despite pointing to the correct diagram file.

Published date: 27 August 2020

Third party driver opens incorrect diagram and there needs to be a way to determine where it's opening the incorrect diagram from

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When opneing a diagram in Vista, the diagram should open from a pre-defined registry path where the device diagrams are associated to a Device type in the registry.  There may be times where a particular device diagram is not under the expected root path and so isolating the issue involved locating where it's opening from.  The following tool helps identify and filter the location of where the an incorrect diagram may be opening from
  1. First apply this index?page=content&id=FA212118.
  2. If an incorrect diagram is still being opened, then there is specific tool used for troubleshooting that can tell you exactly what registry entries any program is trying to access.
  3. Download Procmon64.exe (
  4. Procmon is a tool that can tell you what registry entries any program is trying to access and the result
  5. Launch Procmon and stop capture (magnifying glass)
  1. Click on the filter button and add the following: Path contains \SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Schneider Electric\Power Monitoring Expert\8.2\DeviceInfo and then click apply
Note: The software name and version number after the \Power Monitoring Expert\ will vary depending on the version of software. 
  1. Start the Capture
  1. Open Vista and try to open the diagram page with open diagram from meter template of the device diagram in question