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1. What is an open business platform?

An open business platform includes a model-base, high code, low code software factory of expandable tools, framework, and runtime environments for building, managing, and deploying business applications across their performance time. 

Our competent team of experts at Schneider Electric invests in extensive research to develop novel solutions like Schneider Electric Exchange. This innovative, digitized solution helps solve real-world efficiency and sustainability challenges. It initiates effective digital collaborations in business to form one unified unit of empowering community. 

2. What is meant by digital collaboration in business? 

The pandemic has effectively virtualized every domain of our society, be it education, healthcare, or the economic sector. An evident surge in digital collaborations can be spotted in business, meaning people or employees connect digitally through online means such as SaaS platforms.

Hence, digital collaboration in open platform systems uses a diverse range of digital tools that effectively fulfill the collaborative needs of businesses and organizations instead of meeting in person.   Schneider Electric offers digitized solutions with a bold and new ecosystem called Schneider Electric Exchange. It helps expand your network and access industry peers and experts while accelerating your business's growth and productivity. The platform efficiently assists in exchanging skills, ideas, solutions, and business opportunities.

3. Why is digital collaboration important? 

As the world is transitioning into digital ecosystems, people are increasingly turning towards initiating digital collaborations. These digital collaborations are starkly different from traditional ones because they use a broad range of software and technologies to connect a vast network of participants efficiently.

Here are some of the many benefits of initiating a business collaboration: 

• Attracting the best talents in the market 

• Excellent customer service  

• Sustainable management of resources

• Using data for practical business insights

Schneider Electrical Exchange ensures that you collaborate with the right community, find optimum digital solutions, and discover the best available marketplaces. It helps access developer resources with ready-to-use analytics libraries of APIs, SDKs, and data sets.