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Altivar 71Q

Water-cooled drives for heavy duty industry from 90 to 630 kW

Part of Altivar

Improved robustness and efficiency with water cooling

Altivar 71Q
  • Features

    Altivar 71Q is a variable speed drive with water cooling from 90 to 630 kW. It is used in harsh environments, when drives with particular robustness are required. The integrated liquid cooling permits optimal dissipation of the lost heat from the power part and therefore optimizes the encapsulation of the whole electrical drive unit.

    • 3-phase 380 to 480 V from 90 to 500 kW
    • 3-phase 500 to 690 V from 110 to 630 kW
    • Control, operation, programming and the options are absolutely identical to the air-cooled devices Altivar 61 and Altivar 71
    • Multi-pump card for controlling up to 5 pumps
    • Communication cards (ProfiBus DP, Modbus TCP, Daisy Chain and Plus, DeviceNet, Ethernet, Interbus, CC-Link, etc.)
    • Programmable controller cards
    • Specific I/O for application functions
    • Encoder interface cards
    • Integrated EMC filter
    • Use in an open or closed cooling circuit possible
    • Reliable operation also when industrial water or fresh water is used for cooling
    • Wide temperature range of the coolant up to +55°C
    Improved dynamics and energy savings with Active Front End (AFE)
    • Active Front End is an option which allows the drive to reduce the total current harmonic distortion (THDI) to less than 4%
    • Altivar Active Front End even works with weak or unstable networks


    Highest robustness during operation
    • Excellent protection against corrosion due to cooling pipes made of stainless steel
    • Efficient cooling system: 85 to 100% of waste heat is dissipated into the drive water-cooling system
    • Marginal deposits due to smooth flow channel
    • Reliable operation also when industrial water or fresh water is used for cooling
    • Use in an open or closed cooling circuit possible
    • Wide temperature range of the coolant up to +55°C
    • Reduced need for air-conditioning
    • Prolonged maintenance-free operational life
    Reliable and simple installation
    • Clear separation of electrical and hydraulic connections
    • Internal separation wall between electronics and cooling water
    • Complete de-aerating due to the connections arranged at the top
    Consistency to the Altivar products
    • Control, operation and programming is absolutely identical to the air-cooled devices
    • Options of the Altivar 61 & Altivar 71 product lines can be used


    Mining and tunneling
    Enclosures in protection degree IP55 or higher, closed containers or also pressure-resistant encapsulation require a complete heat abstraction of the whole electrical drive unit. Therefore 100% of the losses must be dissipated by the cooling water. This can be done easily with an additional air/water heat exchanger. Thereby the monitored fans in the inverter provide the required air circulation inside the enclosure. The significant advantages of the Altivar 71Q for this application are:

    • Fans for internal air circulation are already built-in.
    • Full overload is available even in the smallest speed range.
    • "Low noise" requirements are optimally fulfilled due to the completely closed inverter unit.

    A dust loading even with conductive particles cannot be prevented around shredder drives, especially in case of recycling processes. As a result, special requirements regarding the protection degree are needed for the electrical installation. In a perfectly adapted drive system, sealing walls between the accessible connecting area, the inverter enclosure and the cooling enclosure prevent intrusion of dangerous particles. The significant advantages of the Altivar 71Q for this application are:

    • The inverter enclosure is securely closed and must not be opened for connection or start-up.
    • The very high starting torque is available unchanged also in case of frequent starting.
    • The monitored fans in the inverter as well as the air/water heat exchanger reliably provide the required cooling inside the inverter enclosure

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