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Welcome to the Schneider Electric Website

Welcome to our website.

Consulting services for electrical and automation systems

Get hold of Schneider Electric consultants who can audit, evaluate, and map your electrical and automation assets and systems. With the best-in-class software and digital technologies we optimize and digitize your assets and systems, so you don't have to.

Leverage the benefits of our EcoConsult services insights

EcoConsult solutions to reduce risks and improve reliability

From assessing the existing power and automation systems to designing a new installation, our trusted advisors will help you identify potential safety and performance issues to reduce risks and improve resiliency and operational efficiency.

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EcoConsult audit

Start your assessment journey to discover the untapped efficiencies that lie in your installations. Our audit service helps you in the first installation assessment to help ensure your business is continuously operating safely and securely.
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EcoConsult Electrical Digital Twin

Release the potential of digital twins for more efficiency. EcoConsult Electrical Digital Twin offer digitizes paper-based electrical single-line diagrams to better manage your electrical network map thanks to a multi-year maintenance contract.
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EcoConsult system studies

Let us help you improve operator and equipment safety. Our consultants execute studies to help you size your system, define protection coordination, and implement arc flash practices. Using power factor and harmonic studies, our consultants can also help you improve energy efficiency.
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EcoConsult design

Enjoy the best-in-class expertise of our design consultants for your installations. Our consultants help you plan a new installation and ensure your installations are well-designed to avoid any potential safety and cybersecurity issues.

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Get exclusive access to our expertise with right maintenance services

Our team has a comprehensive knowledge of your unique systems that power your business, supported by our ​end-to-end digital platform, AI, and innovative analytics.
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How can electrical consulting services ensure efficient and sustainable electrical and automation assets and systems?

We provide electrical consulting services that help optimize and digitize your business processes and ensure improved electrical and automation asset management to prevent downtime, maximize safety and resilience, and contribute to your sustainability goals. As an industrial technology leader and a trusted internet of things (IoT) partner with profound digital transformation and automation expertise, we offer you consulting services to identify potential safety and performance issues, reduce risks, and improve the reliability of your electrical and automation systems. Whether a new installation or existing equipment, our EcoConsult solutions help you discover untapped efficiencies and empower you with actionable insights to improve connected asset health and efficiency while helping to reduce your carbon footprint.

Our expert consultants audit, evaluate, and map your electrical and automation assets and systems to ensure safety, compliance, resilience, efficiency, and sustainability. We help you leverage the EcoConsult Electrical Digital Twin to manage your electrical network and offer a complete monitoring plan to visualize energy flow. We also provide best-in-class design expertise for new installations to avoid potential safety and cybersecurity issues. Our electrical consulting services empower you with expertise to unlock the full potential of your connectable products and systems with the end-to-end digital platform, AI, and innovative analytics to optimize your business process and system design.