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Industrial sustainability

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How to overcome metals and minerals processing challenges?

Environmental regulations and rising relative costs continue to be challenges for the metals and minerals processing industry. What solutions are helping industries overcome these challenges and drive sustainable operations?

Overcoming Challenges in the Biofuels Industry

How is technological innovation in control automation and new digital technologies enabling biofuel refinery operators to address new market trends and challenges?

Moving sustainability forward in manufacturing

Find out how the manufacturing sector is directly and indirectly contributing to solving environmental challenges.

Three reasons why industrial automation matters

Here are three reasons why automation is something to be embraced.

8 innovations in advanced manufacturing that support enhanced ESG reporting

Industry 4.0 developments in advanced manufacturing offer industries the ability to more accurately measure and report ESG metrics

How digital tracing can reduce industrial carbon emissions

Traceability can help shrink industry's carbon footprint across sourcing, production, logistics, and operations.

Decarbonization through process electrification and digitalization

The transformation to 'green glass' is enabled by electrification and digitalization

A question of balance for the glass industry: sustainability and profitability

Industry 4.0 offers the glass industry opportunities to be more sustainable and profitable

Transitioning to sustainable mining, minerals, and metals practices

The world’s low carbon commitments and sustainable strategy must start at the point of resource extraction.

The industries of the future with Polypack

Polypack can bridge the gap between sustainability and affordability for packaging needs

Is digitalization key to a sustainable future?

A customer-centric approach to digitalization is key to unlocking a net-zero future in industries

Our resilient and sustainable future: A call for industrial eco-efficiency

Industry, it’s time to change our ways

There’s nothing fishy about innovation

Next-gen, sustainable solutions for aquaculture

Mission possible: Reaching net-zero carbon emissions from harder-to-abate sectors

Learn how we can decarbonize harder-to-abate sectors by the middle of this century

Accelerating the green industrial revolution

Improving industrial production and efficiency with advanced automation and robots can help preserve the planet

EcoStruxure drives the industries of the future for food and beverage

Food and beverage manufacturers are embracing the industries of the future with our EcoStruxure architecture and platform

Addressing the urgency of sustainable mining

There is mounting pressure on resources industries to adopt sustainable practices while supplying the critical elements for society to progress.

Establishing a culture of innovation

How to combine these two ingredients to make a thriving company

How business can align with sustainable development goals

Goals are meant to be met — especially when it comes to sustainability. Meet them faster

Why alternatives to SF6 matter for carbon reduction

The urgency to act on climate change has never been greater, in absence of regulation, companies are voluntarily stepping up to fill the gap

Renewable energy: Common myths debunked

These perceived obstacles for the mass adoption of clean, renewable energy technologies are quickly becoming outdated

For climate change solutions go beyond the obvious

Climate change is pervasive. The solution has to be equally as inclusive

The industries of the future manifesto

Industry is efficient, resilient, sustainable, and people-focused. Let's thrive there.

Are you ready to become energy efficient, sustainable, and profitable?

How can industrial companies reach their sustainability goals?

5 key steps to building a better industrial world

Industrial leaders can create a digital-first future for the next generation and beyond

Net zero, carbon neutral, climate positive?

There is a strong movement of organizations stepping up on climate commitments to meet the 1.5°C call-to-action