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Climate and planet

Pieces that need to fall into place to make green hydrogen viable

In the zero-carbon economy of the future, electricity will become the dominant energy but green hydrogen (and the fuels derived from it) will have a role to play as well. Making green hydrogen viable and abundant will take collaboration, effort, and investment.
Solar panel plant with urban landscape

The unexpected disruption: Distributed generation

The true potential of distributed energy generation is massive. This study shows how it will contribute to reshaping the global energy system.

Sustainability podcast series: Beyond the scope

Schneider Electric’s Beyond the scope sustainability podcast series offers insightful views on decarbonization pathways and the solutions that lie ahead of us.

Accelerating global investment in building decarbonization

As buildings generate a large chunk of the world’s carbon emissions, how can we decarbonize the built environment? Read the framework that guides decision-makers to consider more outcomes.
Aerial view of city at night

Is your business transforming for climate change?

A survey reveals how top companies are combatting climate change in their approach to sustainable transformation. Businesses must act more quickly as cybersecurity and environmental concerns rise.

Why energy efficiency is the unsung hero of the fight against climate change

Double glazing and optimized air-con systems aren’t as sexy as 100-metre wind turbines and EVs – but the impact of energy efficiency could be immense.

Making mission possible: Delivering a net-zero economy

A net-zero global economy is possible by 2050. Clean electrification will be vital.

Making clean electrification possible

We have 30 years to electrify the global economy - discover under what conditions this is possible.

Making the hydrogen economy possible: Accelerating clean hydrogen in an electrified economy

Learn how private-sector collaboration and policy support can ramp up clean hydrogen production

Better energy, greater prosperity

We need to decarbonize while ensuring energy access for all. Clean electrification holds the key to achieve this. But how?

Bioresources within a net-zero emissions economy: Making a sustainable approach possible

Not all biomass is environmentally ‘good’ biomass - but we can address this.

China 2050: A fully developed rich zero-carbon economy

Discover how China can become net-zero by 2050.

China zero-carbon electricity growth in the 2020s: A vital step towards carbon neutrality

What actions need to be undertaken by 2030 to facilitate China to decarbonize its power sector by 2050?

The evolving structure of power purchase agreements

Learn why some of the biggest brands in the world use PPAs to meet renewable procurement goals.

2021 sustainability trends: Ten reasons to be hopeful

Sustainability is trending. Find out how 2020 accelerated the adoption of greener practices.

The difference between direct and virtual PPAs

Renewable PPAs can come with a steep learning curve. Get the basics on these fundamental deal structures

How business can align with sustainable development goals

Goals are meant to be met — especially when it comes to sustainability. Meet them faster

Why alternatives to SF6 matter for carbon reduction

The urgency to act on climate change has never been greater, in absence of regulation, companies are voluntarily stepping up to fill the gap

Renewable energy: Common myths debunked

These perceived obstacles for the mass adoption of clean, renewable energy technologies are quickly becoming outdated

Procurement in sustainability and climate strategies

The increasing convergence of sustainability, procurement, and efficiency efforts within organizations is allowing businesses to drive real, tangible change.

How to build energy resilience in federal facilities

For federal agencies, maintaining power through severe weather is a question of national security.

Closing the decarbonization ambition to action gap

Anticipating bumps in the road can make crossing the bridge from goals to results easier.

Decarbonizing cities takes an integrated approach

How can we create buildings, mobility, and infrastructure that work in harmony?

Net zero, carbon neutral, climate positive?

There is a strong movement of organizations stepping up on climate commitments to meet the 1.5°C call-to-action

State of the European renewable energy market

What trends are helping colleagues recover, accelerate innovation, and meet sustainability goals?

Funding energy and sustainability in the new normal

Based on survey results, sustainability persists, even in the face of disruption.

How COVID affected energy and sustainability programs

How has COVID shaped a world in the middle of a climate crisis? What were our biggest challenges?

Renewable natural gas: Opportunities and limitations

Renewable natural gas is still a new concept — but that makes it exciting. Explore its potential.

Energy sourcing: Opportunity hiding in plain sight

Why have one source of energy when you can have many? Renewables are an opportunity in plain sight