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    Microgrids for buildings

    Get a fully-optimized microgrid to reduce your energy costs, carbon footprint, and the risk of power downtime.

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Microgrid for buildings

Most commercial and industrial buildings are connected to the main grid, but are increasingly adopting connected microgrid solutions. Their deployment goes hand in hand with the growing investment in local, renewable production means and storage systems. These evolutions further trigger the need to:

> Maximize the auto consumption ratio.

> Optimize the energy bill (tariff management and demand charge management) by leveraging the local resources and loads flexibility.

> Participate, where possible, in demand-response mechanisms, and play an active part in the electricity system balancing process.

In some geographies, where blackouts are possible, buildings need to use their local resources to cover at least part of their energy demand during such events.
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Microgrid for Buildings control offers

Address your challenge

  • Gain resilience

    Have you evaluated the cost of downtime for your operations? With a microgrid, you may never have to risk losing power again.

  • Reduce risk

    Would your operations benefit from predictable and stable long-term energy prices? Through the innovative Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) business model, you can control your financial and operational risks.

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