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What is the replacement for the Magelis XBTGT5430 HMI?

The Magelis XBTGT5430 is obsolete and has been replaced by the HMIDT542 + HMIG3U.

Migration Considerations:
- These new products are configured by the Vijeo Designer Software, version V6.2 SP1 minimum
- Vijeo Designer applications  are 100 % compatible.
- The cut-out is identical (*The new HMIGTU is comprised of two modules*)
- Screen resolution SVGA.
- The serial communication ports are identical  but COM1 Subd9 RS422/R232C becomes the COM2 and the COM2 RJ45 RS485 becomes the COM1
- Ethernet port with higher speed and with a second port
- Same certifications.
- Possible Extension Bus for Fieldbus modules ( Profibus , DeviceNet , CANopen )
- No support of SoMachine PLC functions
- Same auxiliary interface for speaker or alarm output
- Better Screen color TFT LED 16M and more resolution , More Flash Memory , addition mini-USB Device + Host/Device front USB ports  and use of SD card  slot.
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