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PSE 7.4 SR1 Web Client Cannot Display Waveform Captures or Alarm Filters Pop-up does not Display

The web client cannot display waveform captures from the server and/or alarm filter pop-up does not display

PowerSCADA Expert 7.4 SR1

PowerSCADA Expert 7.4 SR1

*Warning: Take backups of any files prior to modifying them. Ensure the backups are in a location that will not be overwritten (i.e. the Desktop).*
Use the steps below to deploy the new PLS_Includes project to correct the issue. If details of the steps are required please refer to the PSE 7.4 User guide located in the documents section of the PSE install location.

1) Download the attached PLS_Include.ctz file
2) Backup the existing PLS_Includes project
3) Restore the PLS_Include project downloaded in step 1
4) Recompile the project and create a new web deployment
5) Verify that the web deployment was created and has the latest date
6) Run the project and verify that the waveform viewer works in a remote client's web browser.

Note: If you do not see the updated project on the remote client's Web Browser you will need to delete the Citect temp folder.  This file can be found by typing '%temp% in the run command section.

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PLS_Include.ctzPLS_Include.ctz [14.77 MB]
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