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Replacement for part # XBTGT2220

What's the replacement for part # XBTGT2220?

Product Line:

The replacement for the XBTGT2220 is the HMIGTO2310.
Here are the differences:
- Vijeo Designer applications are 100 % compatible. (Requires Vijeo Designer v6.1 or higher)
- The cut-out is identical
- The communication ports are identical except on COM1 , no RS422-RS485 signal only RS232C
- For RS422-RS485 link , use a cables with converter like TSXPCX1030 for Schneider Twido/Premium PLC or HMIZ951 for Mitsubishi FX PLC
- Same certifications.
- No extension Bus for Fieldbus modules (Profibus , DeviceNet , CANopen)
- No support of SoMachine PLC functions
- Better Screen color TFT LED 65K , more Flash Memory , addition mini-USB Device port and use of SD card slot.

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