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How to add TM5SAO4 H/L close to a "high power module" on a TM5NCO1 CANopen island ?

According to documentation TM5SAO4 H/L can not be mounted close to TM5 slices dissipating more than 1.15 W ("high power module" like TM5SPS3) when ambient temperature is more than 55°C.
In this case dummy modules are needed in-between.
But is it OK to do that when ambient temperature is lower than 55°C.

Unfortunalely SoMachine DTM for TM5NCO1 does not take ambient temperature into account and considers worse case only ( > 55°C).

If ambient temperature around your island is lower than 55°C then you can use TM5SAO4 H/L close to modules with power dissipation > 1.15 W. Follow these steps to build your island with SoMachine :
- start with an empty island : TM5SPS3 only
- add a dumy module
- add a TM5SAO4 H/L
- remove the dummy module : an error pop-up appears : simply ignore it.
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