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Video: How is an external fault function set up on the ATV212 drive?

Configuring External Fault Logic Response on Altivar 212 Drives

Product Line:
Altivar 212


Configuration for Drive response to External Fault condition.

To set an external fault function you will need to program one of the logic inputs F/R/or RES as external fault.
Under F--- menu.
F111 is F
F112 is R
F113 is RES terminals.

Let's assume you want to program R as external fault function:
Set F112 to 11 for external fault where OFF is no detected fault and ON is where motor stops according to method set by parameter [Ext fault stop mode] (F603).  
This will prompt E on display if external fault is on.
F603 options: 0 for freewheel, 1 for ramp stop, 2 for DC braking stop.

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