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What is the basic setup for an S-Flex PID control?

How to setup basic S-Flex PID control?

Product Line:
Altivar Machines, S-Flex

Series E units with BYP feature

Requires PID control in AUTO, but no PID control in HAND

Search other FAQs for details on ATV212 PID settings.  This FAQ addresses the control concept.  The settings listed are changes from the S-Flex factory defaults.

Option 1 = PID control in both HAND and AUTO
F360 = 1(VIA) or 2(VIB) for the analog feedback signal
FMOd = 3 for HMI setpoint adjustment when in AUTO
F207 = 3 for HMI setpoint adjustment when in HAND

Option 2 = PID control in AUTO, HMI speed reference in HAND
F360 = 1(VIA) for the analog feedback signal
Add a potentiometer to PP-VIB-CC
FMOd = 2(VIB) for PID setpoint adjustment when in AUTO
Remove the wire from DOC-14 to VFD terminal R and add a jumper wire between VFD terminals R - RES
F110 = 1 for always active run permissive
F112 = 14 for PID deactivate when in HAND

The potentiometer modification for Option 2 is required because an HMI PID setpoint and an HMI HAND speed reference will conflict with each other.  Changing one changes the other.

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