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What is the part number for main control board for ATV66 drive?

Main control board part number for ATV66 drive

Product Line:
Altivar 66, ATV66



There are 3 possible kit part numbers:

For ATV66U41N4 to ATV66D79N4 and ATV66U41M2 to ATV66D46M2 except ATV66D23M2S264 use VX4A66CK1;

For ATV66D23M2S264 use VX4A66CK1S260;

For ATV66C10N4 to ATV66C31N4 use VX4A66CK2

In all  of the kits listed above, the keypad is included.

Please note:
The VX4A66CK1 and VX4A66CK2 are both now obsolete.

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