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Manufacturing Efficiency

Boost Automotive Manufacturing Efficiency
Digital solutions for your workforce, assets, and operations to drive efficiency across the whole factory value chain.


Secure business integrity with cyber secured defence-in-depth architecture and take an end-to-end lifecycle cybersecurity approach across the entire Automotive value chain.

Workforce empowerment

Leverage digital technologies to ensure plant staff better understand the optimisation and maintenance of automotive plant processes and to improve operational efficiency and profitability.

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AVEVA workflow management



EcoStruxure™ Control Expert (Unity Pro)


EcoStruxure Process Expert for AVEVA System Platform


Modicon M580 - ePac Controller


Harmony iPC

Facility and Energy Management

Employees working on computer room
Improve Facility and Energy Management
Be sustainable and reduce environmental impact through digital solutions and consulting to ensure your facility and resources are safe, available, efficient, and green.

Improve energy performance

Reduce energy usage and costs, improve sustainability and compliance.

Increase reliability

Improve resilience to grid instability, enhance electrical asset maintenance, and avoid downtime from electrical failures.

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EcoStruxure Asset Advisor


EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert


Uninterruptible UPS Power Supply

EcoStruxure Resource Advisor

Maximise data value and adopt the right IT Infrastructure

Smart Data and IT infrastructure
End-to-end scalable IT Automotive solutions to maximise profitability and uptime for each automotive activity, from corporate and regional levels to dealerships.

Edge computing

Shorten time to market and enhance customer experience with regional and local edge data centres designed to be closer to data sources, users and devices, while also requiring less space.

IT infrastructure and TotEx minimisation

Data centre lifecycle services to design tools and services, build, operate, assess, plan, and ensure high efficiency and quality.

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EcoStruxure IT Advisor

EcoStruxure Asset Advisor


EcoStruxure IT Expert


Uninterruptible UPS Power Supply

Carbon roadmap

Meet your decarbonisation goals
Accelerate the carbon roadmap across the entire value chain towards zero-impact automotive factories and build long-term business resiliency.

GHG and carbon neutrality

Become a leader in decarbonisation and climate change action.

Energy monitoring and efficiency

Decarbonise the manufacturing process towards Zero Impact automotive factories and use innovative funding to scale action.

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EcoStruxure Resource Advisor

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How to succeed in your digital transformation to be a mobility service provider?

Schneider Electric helps you achieve the digital automotive transformation by providing real-time smart controls for safety, efficiency, reliability, and flexibility to reduce environmental risk and improve profitability.

As an industrial technology leader with our IIoT expertise, we can help bring innovation to each level of your automotive business through connected products, edge control, and analytics and services.

Discover EcoStruxure for Automotive, our IoT-enabled system, that helps us improve and bring this innovation and establish an automation standard that can be replicated in the automotive industry.

Mobility service providers who are looking to lead the unprecedented digitisation in terms of industrial automation applications rely on Schneider Electric for unlocking new business models that combine smart control and optimised assets to drive operational profitability safely.

Our scalable automotive solutions help connect your plants and machines across your value chain for optimal manufacturing performance and facility efficiency.

Our experts provide technology and consulting to help you with facility digitisation, asset safety, data monetisation and energy management to reduce carbon footprint across your value chain,.

Schneider Electric develops best-in-class automotive solutions that help you achieve greater control, automation, and optimisation over automotive manufacturing, facilities, and ultimately your entire business.