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ATV71 or ATV61: What causes the drive to show a PRF fault code?

ATV61/71:  PRF fault code on drive.

Product line:

All models, all serial numbers

This fault is displayed when internal diagnostics determines that the drive has lost its ability to detect when power is removed from the PWR terminal..


This is a Power removal fault. Suggest to first measure PRA to 0v and make sure there is 24v present. Could also go to menu 1.2 and go  to the Logic input map: Check the PR - should be high. Could also power down the drive and remove the terminal card ( where all the I/O wires are) and check Sw 1- should be up ( in the source position).
Cycle power on the VFD to reset the fault.  This fault is not related to an activation of the safety function.
This fault could be due to damage on the drive.  Repeated faults will require repairing the drive by replacement of the control board and/or power board. Consider returning the VFD for repair.
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