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What would cause an ATV61/71 drive to display an OPF2 fault code?

ATV61/71 drive is displaying a OPF2 fault code.

Product Line:
Altivar 61, Altivar 71


Motor is not connected, output contactor (if used) is not closing fast enough, or the motor current draw is too low.

Check all the output connections from the drive to the motor.
Check all the motor parameters and make sure the set values match the motor nameplate data.
Go to menu 8 and increase the Out Ph time detect, (factory default is .5 secs).
Check to see if there is an output contactor between the output of the drive and motor connector is probably open. If an output contactor is used, go to menu 1.8 and set Output Phase loss to No.

Test the drive without the motor connected:
  1. In menu 1.4 - set motor control type to V/F 2 pts, menu 1.8 : output phase loss- set to no.
  2. Power down and disconnect the motor from the drive's terminals.
  3. With the motor disconnected, run the drive at 20, 30, and 60Hz and measure the output voltages phase-to-phase to see if they are all balanced.
  4. With the motor disconnected, megger out the motor with 1,000V Megger.
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